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Skullkid Wannabe (aka Kylie)
The Super Villain
Kylie. 19. Nutcase. Elitist Bitch. Web Designer. Cartoonist. Artist. Grammar Nazi. Part time Super Villain.

Loves Chocolate. Sweets. Cartoons. Anime (some). Drawing. Writing. Reading. Horror Movies. Horror Stories. Animation. Shopping. Web Design. Music.

Hates Backstabbers. Copycats. Insects. Perverts. Liars. Being Broke all the time. Being bored. Most vegetables. Being yelled at.

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Skullkid Wannabe (aka Kylie) [userpic]

This journal is 100% friends only.

★; Comment to be added

★; At least share some common interests with me, otherwise- explain why you want to friend me.

★; This is not, nor will ever be, a message board so in other words, don't post meaningless and random messages or comments if you're not interested in friending me. I will ignore you.

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